Chiropractic Testimonials

"Peripheral neuropathy wasn’t causing me a lot of pain but caused me to stumble a lot and walk with a cane because I couldn’t walk straight.

Treatment has improved my gait; I can walk without a cane. I also sleep much better at night, like a baby. Treatment has also helped me sleep much better, like a baby. I am also able to help my wife with gardening, walk better, cross my legs and walk up and down stairs with more stability."

- James W.

"I suffer from peripheral neuropathy that causes pain and numbness in both feet.

Treatment for my peripheral neuropathy has tremendously helped me. I feel 50% improvement in my feet and 80% improvement in my legs. I am able to stand longer, walker farther with less pain and numbness in my feet, less pain in my legs, especially at night and it is easier to play golf.

I would definitely recommend family, friends and golf buddies to seek peripheral neuropathy treatment."

- Tom K.

"I suffer from peripheral neuropathy. Treatment has helped reduce my pain at night. Treatment has tremendously helped reduce my pain and has allowed me to get out more and be more active. I am able to wear shoes again without pain. The staff are extremely attentive, very friendly and helpful.

If my cancer came back with my feet hurting I would not go through chemotherapy again. Now, I think I can handle it due to the treatment I received. It most likely saved my life."

- Richard B.

"Numbness, burning pain, leg cramping, sharp, electrical pain, pain while walking, difficulty sleeping due to leg and foot discomfort and prickling and tingling in my feet brought me in.

Treatment has helped me a lot. I can walk better and can now feel vibration on my thighs. When I first started treatment I couldn’t feel anything on my thighs. I have recommended a lady at the retirement center I frequent."

- Paula C.

"I suffer from peripheral neuropathy and balance issues. Treatment has helped reduce pain I felt from peripheral neuropathy and increased my balance. I would recommend everyone who suffers from peripheral neuropathy to seek treatment."

- Patti V.

"I originally came in due to suffering from peripheral neuropathy.

Treatment has greatly helped my balance and soreness, bringing me back to nearly normal. I still have pain in the balls of my feet, but the painful area is moving south to my toes. Treatment has helped my resume some yard work, which I love. Numbness in my ankles and instep are just about gone.

I have referred friends, neighbors and co-workers for treatment. I am a young “74” with a lot still on my bucket list. The treatment I received looks like it will enable me to get a lot more of these items done, without pain."

- Joanna S.


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