Neck Pain in Webster TX

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A majority of people are familiar with the phrase “It is such a pain in the neck,” and many people actually know this phrase as reality. You do not have to endure this pain anymore, our chiropractor in Webster TX can help you! Simple movements of the neck, back, head, arms, and shoulders may be difficult which can eventually lead to migraines or headaches and trouble using your body correctly. Becoming immobile due to neck pain can make the muscles become weak and begin to degenerate.

Getting to the root cause of your pain is a needed step in order to be able to treat you, to help you have short and long-term recovery. This section examines the causes of neck pain as well as explains how our clinic here in Webster TX can provide the best chiropractic care as an alternative to standard treatment options.

Neck Pain in Webster TX

While the neck is a small area of the body, it contains the nervous system and other complicated structures which have important jobs such as holding your head up. The neck contains small vertebrae which allow for a wide range of movement, but with it being so thin it is highly prone to injury. Some common causes of neck pain are:

  • Poor Posture
  • Sleeping Position
  • Muscle Strains or Pulls
  • Trauma, like whiplash
  • Constant, repetitive stress
  • Joint Problems

The majority of these issues are either caused by or have a major impact on spinal alignment. When the muscles spasm the spine gets pulled around causing it to misalign. When our spines are out of alignment, it causes the nerves held within to become agitated causing further tension and pressure which leads to systemic problems. Every nerve in our body is rooted in our vertebral column meaning that issues occurring in our neck can have a major impact on other systems in our bodies.

There are a lot of people that let neck/spinal problems go untreated in Webster, TX. Oftentimes people remain in ignorance thinking that the pain in the neck will simply vanish if they wait long enough. And in some cases that pain may go away, but the misalignment is still present. Over time the affected area may become irritated and the pain can return. If the problem goes untreated, it can lead to more serious problems. Some people let this go on for too long, and the only option is a surgical procedure.

Standard versus Holistic Treatments

People often turn to pain medication or over-the-counter medications to take away their pain, but these do not provide long-term solutions and the underlying issues go unattended. Massage therapy is gradually becoming more popular and can help loosen the tense muscles in the back. However, if the problem is in the bones or joints, the issue will remain.

If you did not know, chiropractic treatment is a holistic practice that identifies and helps heal a structural cause of pain that leads to neck pain. Holistic care or treatment combines techniques such as joint adjustments, massage therapy, exercise, nutritional advice, and weight loss management to create a wellness plan unique to each individual. At Bay Oaks Physical Medicine we design a personalized treatment program for each patient after the first assessment. Gentle adjustments and manipulation to the spine can bring relief instantaneously and can restore health to the neck and entire body.

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