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Below we provide an explanation of regenerative medicine and human growth factors, as well as help you determine whether it may help you achieve your health goals.



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What is Regenerative Medicine?

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    Regenerative medicine is primarily concerned with the mechanisms by why we can help restore the optimal functions of the body by introducing human growth factors into your body. The therapeutic effects of regenerative medicine and human growth factors are then able to reinvigorate your cells, tissues, and organs.

    While there is no shortage of information about regenerative medicine and human growth factors in the media, on the internet, and in brochures across the country, some confusion still persists about it. This is mostly due to the nature of it being a cutting-edge therapy that has only recently become widely available.

  • Common Questions

    A common question that arises after this explanation of how human growth factors work is if our body already has the capability to produce its own growth factors, how is additional human growth factors helpful in the first place?

    Growth factors are useful because as the body ages over time, our natural ability to produce growth factors, as well as their effectiveness is diminished. As we age, the body produces a fraction of the number of growth factors it used to and our ability to quickly bounce back from injuries is lost. This doesn’t happen overnight, as such nagging aches and pains that don’t simply go away start developing, and before long life of chronic pain can become the norm.

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Human Growth Factors

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Human Growth Factors

It’s no secret that your body has the capability to repair itself after an injury. The manner in which your body is able to heal itself is by using its human growth is made possible by the human growth’s unique ability to transform into a specialized cell and replace damaged cells. As an example, let’s you’re struggling with back pain in Website that is a result of a disc injury. In this case, your body needs a specific type of cell to heal the damage. This type of cell would be different if you were dealing with joint pain that is a result of cartilage damage and can adapt to any number of specialized cells depending on the origin of your pain.

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